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  • Watch HAAN Han Gil Su online

    HAAN Han Gil Su(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch HAAN Han Gil Su online While the attack on Pearl Harbor has been depicted in films from the American and Japanese perspective, few people know of North Koreas involvement in the events that took place on Dec 7, 1941 . Now the efforts of Haan Kil-Soo, an unsung hero of World War II, finally comes to light in a Korean import from director Lee In Soo. While the historical events leave little doubt of the films tragic outcome, the movie is nevertheless an engaging look at a man whose contributions to the United States have been largely overlooked by history. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2005 Rating: 8.75/10 (4 Votes)
  • Watch Haeundae (Movie) online

    Haeundae (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Haeundae (Movie) online Located on the Southeast of the Korean peninsula is the international city of Busan. A popular vacation spot on the East Sea coast, Haeundae draws one milion visitors to its beaches every year. Man-sik, a native of Haeundae, went deep-sea fishing four years before and lost a co-workier in a tsunami; he has never returned. He now leads a simple life running a small sushi shop and is preparing to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Yeon-hee. While these seemingly banal domestic affairs unfold, geologist, an expert on tsunami research, discovers the East Sea is showing signs of activity similar to the Indian Ocean at the time of the 2004 tsunami. Despite his warnings, the Disaster Prevention Agency affirms that Korea is in no harm of being hit. When he discovers a super tsunami starting in Tsushima, Japan is headed stratight for the Korean peninsula, he quicklu heads down to Haeundae. Eventually, KIM gets a call about a deadly oncoming wave, with only ten minutes to spare! While the vacationers and citizens of Busan are enjoying a peaceful, hot summer day, a super-tsunami is headed straight for Haeundae. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2009 Rating: 9.28/10 (57 Votes)
  • Watch Hahaha (Movie) online

    Hahaha (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Hahaha (Movie) online Two friend have a drink together and sharing their experience of 'Tongyeong'. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2010 Rating: 7.47/10 (17 Votes)
  • Watch Hallelujah (Movie) online

    Hallelujah (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Hallelujah (Movie) online Yang Deok Geon who is a swindler and pickpocket finds an interesting letter inside the wallet of pastor who was a victim of the car accident. It says that they will give one hundred million as the fund for a church newly established. Deok Geon pretends to be a pastor instead of him who is in a coma even in the hospital, and goes to that church. That easy money, however, does not just come. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 1997 Rating: 8.00/10 (3 Votes)
  • Watch Han Gong-Ju (Movie) online

    Han Gong-Ju (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Han Gong-Ju (Movie) online Han Gong-Ju (Chun Woo-Hee) is taken to a home in an unfamiliar area. The home belongs to her former high school teacher's mother. The mother wants to know why her son is leaving Han Gong-Ju there, even though he promised she will be there for only a week. A police investigation is ongoing back in Han Gong-Ju's hometown. Can Han Gong-Ju ever escape from her past? [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2014 Rating: 7.37/10 (27 Votes)
  • Watch Hanbando (Movie) online

    Hanbando (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Hanbando (Movie) online North & South Korea are headed for unification. In a symbolic gesture of their unity, the Gyeongeui Railroad is about to be reopened, which will traverse across the divided peninsula. Leaders from both countries come to the event to show their support for unification. Unfortunately, Japan fears the power of a unified Korea and objects adamantly. The Japanese claim that during the colonial period, when they occupied South Korea, Emperor Kojong of South Korea, signed a treaty with the Japanese, transferring ownership of the Gyeongeui Railroad to them. Japan has the treaty in their possession as proof, and they are willing to go to war over their claims of ownership. Japan quickly dispatches their naval fleet towards South Korea and Korea responds by sending their forces to the same area. While this occurs, a South Korean historian claims that the treaty that the Japanese holds, has no authority, because the stamp used by Emperor Kojong was not the authentic stamp of the Emperor. The historian claims that the Emperor used a fake stamp to sign such treaties, in hope that the world will see that he was coerced into signing such treaties. The professor must now prove his claim to the President of South Korea in a short amount of time to prevent all out war. Meanwhile, the President of South Korea waits for further proof on the professor?s claims, while battling the Prime Minister?s wishes to avoid unification with North Korea. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2006 Rating: 8.78/10 (9 Votes)
  • Watch Handphone (Movie) online

    Handphone (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Handphone (Movie) online Seung-min (Uhm Tae-Woong) is the busy president of a small talent agency. He's the type that can't live without his "handphone," but unfortunately he does lose his phone. He then sets out to recover his all important handphone. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2009 Rating: 9.16/10 (25 Votes)
  • Watch Hanji online


    Korean Movie
    Watch Hanji online During the Japanese invasion of Korea, the records of Joseon dynasty were burned. This is the story of people who wanted to restore the record of the Jeonju accident, the only one that survived. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2011 Rating: 8.50/10 (4 Votes)
  • Watch Hansel and Gretel (Movie) online

    Hansel and Gretel (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Hansel and Gretel (Movie) online After meeting an mysterious girl on an dark stretch of road, a young salesman is invited to a beautiful house with bizarre secrets and no way to escape. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2007 Rating: 8.73/10 (37 Votes)
  • Watch Happiness for Sale (Movie) online

    Happiness for Sale (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Happiness for Sale (Movie) online Mi-Na (Choi Gang-Hee) works as a tax collector in Seoul. She learns that her father has been recently hospitalized back in her hometown of Muju. Her father runs a small stationary store there named Mi-Na's Stationary. Mi-Na then contacts a real estate agent in Muju to sell her father's stationary store. The real estate agent though insists she come to Muju to sell the store, but Mi-Na has no desire to return to her small hometown. Mi-Na grew up there as an outcast and doesn't look fondly back at her childhood. Things change though after Mi-Na breaks up with her boyfriend, who was cheating on her, and then gets suspended from her job for intentionally ramming her car into another car. On her way home from her last day at work, she receives a phone call from people who lent money to her father and also the real estate agent back in Muju. The real estate agent again asks her to come to Muju. Since Mi-Na now has two months of free time, she finally decides to go there to sell her father's stationary store. The decrepit old store has now been closed for an extended period of time and Mi-Na now has to bring it back to life to sell it once and for all. Meanwhile, Kang-Ho (Bong Tae-Gyu) returns to Muju to work as an elementary school teacher. He grew up there and had only one friend. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2013 Rating: 8.87/10 (46 Votes)
  • Watch Happy Killing online

    Happy Killing(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Happy Killing online A gorgeous movie star invites four men to a party to choose her lover. However, they start being killed and the situation gets out of control. This comic thriller is a remake of French movie “Serial Lover”. “Happy Killing” aka Femme Fatale is a remake of the 1998 French comedy “Serial Lover.” I haven’t seen the original, so I can’t not say how faithful “Happy Killing” stays to “Serial Lover.” What I can say about “Happy Killing” is that the movie is stupid, gross, corny, and fun, while rolled all together in a feel good Christmas Holiday setting. The movie stars Ji-won Ye last seen in the hilarious and sorely under-appreciated “Old Miss Diary.” A lot of the fun found in “Happy Killing” revolves around watching Ji-Won Ye run around in a tight form fitting dress and trying to maintain her wits, while a serious of lethal accidents occur on Christmas Eve... [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2007 Rating: 9.23/10 (22 Votes)
  • Watch Harmony online


    Korean Movie
    Watch Harmony online Moon Ok (Na Moon-Hee) was a musical professor at a university, but is now on death row for committing a crime caused by the abuse of her husband and mother-in-law. In prison she meets a young lady named Jeong-hye (Kim Yunjin) who killed her husband because of physical abuse. At the time of her arrest, Jeong-hye was pregnant and the baby was eventually born in prison. Now 18 months later, Jeong-hye's baby must be given up for adoption. To spend one day with her baby outside of prison, Jeong-hye forms a prison choir group. Moon Ok becomes the conductor for this choir. The inmates and prison officers are soon touched by the music produced by this group. "Harmony" provides for a unique human drama set within the world of a female prison. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2010 Rating: 9.82/10 (66 Votes)
  • Watch Haru : An Unforgettable Day in Korea online

    Haru : An Unforgettable Day in Korea(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Haru : An Unforgettable Day in Korea online The story happens in 1 day time, center around scenario writer ( Lee Dae Hae) who will perform love triangle with Kim Bum and U-Know Yunho. Han Chae Young and Park Shi Hoo play the couple in Lee Dae Hae?s scenario, and Big Bang is a group that finds a school that is being shut down and holds a mini-concert for the students. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2010 Rating: 8.58/10 (128 Votes)
  • Watch Haunters (Movie) online

    Haunters (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Haunters (Movie) online After losing his job at a scrap metal yard, Kyu-Nam (Ko Su) finds a new job at a small pawn shop named Utopia. He is immediately drawn to the family atmosphere at Utopia, working with his new boss Jung-Sik (Byeon Hie-Bong) and boss's daughter Young-Sook (Jung Eun-Chae). Unfortunately for Kyu-Nam, his moment of happiness will only be fleeting. Cho-In (Kang Dong-Won) lived through a brutal childhood. He has had to use a prosthetic leg since an early age, grew up with an abusive father and lived with a mother who at one point attempted to kill her own son out of despair. Cho-In also possesses an awe-inspiring supernatural gift. Cho-In can control other people's minds when they are within his field of sight. One fateful day, Cho-In walks into the Utopia pawn shop to steal whatever money exists in the safe. Not expecting much resistance, Cho-In is surprised to find one man at the Utopia pawn shop is able to break free from his mind control abilities. That man is Kyu-Nam. Cho-In then resorts to killing the owner of pawn shop to make his escape. All of this is captured on CCTV. An epic battle will soon occur between these two people with supernatural abilities and nothing to lose. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2010 Rating: 8.72/10 (72 Votes)
  • Watch He Was Cool online

    He Was Cool(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch He Was Cool online Clever high school girl Ye Won falls into an unlikely relationship with the wealthy and arrogant Eun Seong. The king of the school, Eun Seong is quick with the fist and insufferably rude, but Ye Won realises that beneath his tough exterior, he is struggling to overcome the shadows of his past. Based on Guiyeoni's novel. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2004 Rating: 9.04/10 (296 Votes)
  • Watch Head (Movie) online

    Head (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Head (Movie) online Dr. KIM Sang-chul who is a world renowned genius medical scientist is killed by himself and his head is cut and missing in his funeral. While a dispatch rider, Hong-je, delivers Dr. KIM?s head, he is kidnapped by Baek-jung and his elder sister, Hong-joo goes head to head with him to save Hong-je!! As far as she chases him, the forces into the background of Dr. KIM?s head are revealed and Hong-joo is in danger. Can a reckless but loyal female journalist save her bro and take the scoop what she wants so eagerly? [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2011 Rating: 8.17/10 (12 Votes)
  • Watch Heartbeat (Movie) online

    Heartbeat (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Heartbeat (Movie) online One middle aged women is acrried into hospital in a coma. Yeon-hee, who has been searching for a heart to transplant to her daughter, who has critical heart disease, is begging middle aged women’s gangster son, Whee-do, by giving him a fortune. But when the reasons for Whee-do’s mom are revealed one by one, Yeon-hee, who became desperate, is teaming up with dangerous people… Kim Yoon-jin of the ABC drama “Lost” returns to Korean film with a heart-throbbing drama that co-stars Park Hae-il (“Moss” “The Host”wink.gif. Yeon-hee (Kim) has a daughter that needs a heart transplant to live. At the same time, a woman comes to the hospital and is brain dead after a fall. Yeon-hee takes this as a chance from heaven and offers her son, Hui-do (Park), a large sum of money for his mother’s heart. Hui-do declines the offer and decides to fight for his mother’s life, but he soon discovers that his mother’s sudden fall was not an accident after all. As he digs deeper into the case, Yeon-hee plots to arrange a heart transplant for her daughter no matter what. This is director Yoon Jae-geun’s first feature film. He is known as a writer of films like 2007's “My New Partner” and 2008's “Hello Schoolgirl.” [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2011 Rating: 9.40/10 (30 Votes)
  • Watch Heartbreak Library online

    Heartbreak Library(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Heartbreak Library online One day, Eun-Soo, a librarian, sees Jun-Oh tearing off a certain page of several books and accuses him of vandalism. Soon, she discovers that there's a complex story behind his actions. It occurs that Jun-Oh's girlfriend, who was a bibliophile and checked out books regularly at the library, had suddenly left him with only a mysterious note that says "Look up page 198". Because of the strange note, Jun-Oh goes to the same library and tears out page 198 from every book he comes in touch. Seeing Jun-Oh's despair for not knowing why the woman he loved had left him, Eun-Soo starts to help him find the hidden message on page 198. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2008 Rating: 8.88/10 (112 Votes)
  • Watch Hearty Paws online

    Hearty Paws(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Hearty Paws online 11-year-old Chan-yi is looking after his lovely younger sister So-yi, by himself ever since their mother left them to find her own future. Despite their desperate situation of being abandoned by family and neighbors, these kids try their best to carry on life. One day, a little puppy joins this small family as Chan-yi steals it from an old couple?s kennel as a gift his sister?s birthday. Especially clever, this dog, whose name is ?Ma-eum?, returns the love received from his new family with great loyalty and it seems as though their happiness would continue forever?only until a sudden accident brings them into collapse. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2006 Rating: 9.83/10 (58 Votes)
  • Watch Heaven's Postman online

    Heaven's Postman(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Heaven's Postman online A messenger that has the ability to travel between the present and the afterworld. Shin Jae Joon was involved in an accident that put him in a coma. Now, his spirit has the ability to travel back and forth to the afterworld and the real world. He meets Jo Ha Na as she is trying to send her boyfriend a letter. Ha Na, however, is the only person who can see Jae Joon. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2009 Rating: 9.61/10 (488 Votes)
  • Watch Heaven's Soldiers online

    Heaven's Soldiers(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Heaven's Soldiers online The movie follows two sides: one army whose orders are to deliver a nuke and the other army determined to stop them and try to get the nuke away from them. Who will prevail? [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2005 Rating: 8.69/10 (16 Votes)
  • Watch Hello Brother (Movie) online

    Hello Brother (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Hello Brother (Movie) online Nine-year-old Hani (PARK Ji-Bin) is a troublemaker who isn't afraid of anything. A precocious punk, his school friends are all his underlings, and even his family members are under his control. He especially considers his elder brother, HanByul, who often complains of being sick, his greatest target. Until one fateful day, HanByul collapses at home and is rushed to the emergency room and the worst nightmare for any parents becomes a reality - he is diagnosed with cancer. The film is based on a true story. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2005 Rating: 9.45/10 (29 Votes)
  • Watch Hello Ghost (Movie) online

    Hello Ghost (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Hello Ghost (Movie) online Sang-man (Cha Tae-hyeon) starts seeing four annoying ghosts after a failed suicide attempt. Carrying out their individual wishes, he finds the pleasures of daily life and forgets about his loneliness and depression. Directed by writer-turned-director Kim Yeong-tak of “Super Family” and “BA:BO.” [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2011 Rating: 9.59/10 (253 Votes)
  • Watch Hello Murder online

    Hello Murder(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Hello Murder online Rookie detective Jeong-Min (Kim Dong-Wuk) finds difficulties with his new job. His boss doesn’t like him, he has to secretly prepare for a public service exam, and the local residents are up in arms over a serial killer that the police can’t catch. A protest is then organized in front of the police station by the local residents. To Jeong-Min’s horror, his own mother leads the protest as she works as the general affairs manager for the women’s association. The residents are particularly peeved that the serial killer is causing the value of their homes to drop. Jeong-Min then decides that he will catch the serial killer once and for all. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2010 Rating: 8.36/10 (11 Votes)
  • Watch Hello My Love (Movie) online

    Hello My Love (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Hello My Love (Movie) online Hyo-Jung (Jo An) works at a radio station as a scenario writer and DJ. Her boyfriend of ten years Won-Jae (Oh Min-Seok), promised to marry after he returns from his studies in France. When Won-Jae returns to Korea he brings along another man named Dong-hwa (Ryu Sang-Wook). Hyo-Jung then discovers Won-Jae and Dong-Hwa's relationship is more than platonic . [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2009 Rating: 8.07/10 (43 Votes)