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  • Watch Lady Daddy online

    Lady Daddy(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Lady Daddy online In the comedy "Lady Daddy," a young child from a divorced family searches for his father. What he doesn't know is that his father is now a woman after having sex reassignment surgery. His father Ji-hyeon (Lee Na-Young) was a medical student but is now a photographer .. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2010 Rating: 8.93/10 (42 Votes)
  • Watch Lady Vengeance (Movie) online

    Lady Vengeance (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Lady Vengeance (Movie) online After thirteen and half years in prison for kidnapping and murdering the boy Park Won-mo, Geum-ja Lee is released and tries to fix her life. She finds a job in a bakery; she orders the manufacturing of a special weapon; she reunites with her daughter, who was adopted by an Australian family; and she plots revenge against the real killer of Won-mo, the English teacher Mr. Baek. With the support of former inmates from prison, Geum-ja seeks an unattained redemption with her vengeance. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2005 Rating: 9.37/10 (43 Votes)
  • Watch Late Autumn (K Movie) online

    Late Autumn (K Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Late Autumn (K Movie) online Anna Chen's (Wei Tang) highly jealous husband discovers that Anna has rekindled a relationship with her first love. When Anna's husband confronts her about their relationship a terrible fight ensues. Anna awakens from a daze and discovers that her husband is dead. The police arrive. 7 years later, Anna learns in prison that her mother has passed away in Seattle. Prison officials grants Anna a three day furlough to attend her mother's funeral. Anna sits alone on a bus about to embark on a long trip to Seattle. A man in a hurry suddenly boards the bus right before its departure. The man doesn't have enough money to pay for the ticket so he looks over to the seated passengers. The man spots Anna and walks confidently to her. He smiles and asks to borrow $30. The man eventually gets the $30 and is able to ride the bus to Seattle. The sweet-talking man's name is Hoon (Hyun-Bin). He is a Korean immigrant who works as a gigolo. Hoon is now on the run from a wealthy client's furious husband. These two seemingly lost souls are about to share three memorable days together ... [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2010 Rating: 9.26/10 (127 Votes)
  • Watch Late Blossom (Movie) online

    Late Blossom (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Late Blossom (Movie) online This couple is? Man-suk and Lee-pun meets in an alleyway on a warm snowy day. It continues to become a love that brings out laughter just by thinking of the loved one. and the other couple is? Goon-bong loves the way wife Soon asks ?What did you do today?? on his back. Goon-bong and Soon, who have loved only one person their whole lives [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2011 Rating: 9.40/10 (10 Votes)
  • Watch Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle (Movie) online

    Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle (Movie) online "Le Grand Chef 2" begins with the Korean president visiting the Japanese Prime Minister and becoming involved in a heated debate over the origins of kimchi. The Japanese Prime Minister makes the bold claim that kimchi is an original Japanese dish which sets off the Korean president. Upon the Korean's president return home he sets upon a globalization plan for kimchi, which includes a nationwide "Kimchi Contest". Then, a lady named Jang-eun (Kim Jeong-Eun) and her step-brother Sung-Chan (Jin Ku) compete in the Kimchi dish contest, with both siblings using their mother's kimchi recipe. Jang-eun is a famed chef in Japan who returns to Korea to compete in the contest. Jang-eun also wants to close down "Chunyang-gak" - the traditional Korean restaurant that her mother has been running. Jang-eun has felt that her mother loved the restaurant more than herself and her own daughter. Meanwhile, Sung-Chan wants to keep the restaurant and proposes to his step-sister that the winner of the Kimchi contest should have the rights to their mother's restaurant ... [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2010 Rating: 9.34/10 (35 Votes)
  • Watch Le Grand Chef (Movie) online

    Le Grand Chef (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Le Grand Chef (Movie) online At a press conference, a cooking knife of a special spirit is being presented to the public. The knife belongs to the last Korean royal chef of the Chosun Dynasty who cut his arms with this knife to show his loyalty to the king and the country. The Japanese bureaucrat at the time was deeply moved by his conviction and returned to Japan with this knife. Now, his son has come to Korea to return the precious knife back to someone who really deserves to own it and announces a cooking contest to find the best cook for this knife. Thus the destined match between the grandsons of the two apprentices of the royal chef has begun… [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2007 Rating: 9.29/10 (42 Votes)
  • Watch Lee Dae-ro Can't Die online

    Lee Dae-ro Can't Die(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Lee Dae-ro Can't Die online An officer in the violent crimes division, Dae-ro is a hero in his daughter Hyun-ji's eyes, but in fact he's a corrupt cop, interested only in bribe money and pretty women. He is totally selfish and takes great pains to keep himself out of harm's way, avoiding the danger inherent in his job. One day, while in pursuit of a suspect, Dae-ro faints and is taken to the hospital. There he is told that he has a brain tumor and has about three months to live at most. To provide for his daughter's financial security, Dae-ro plots his own death that will appear accidental so that she will collect a sizable insurance premium. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2005 Rating: 9.67/10 (3 Votes)
  • Watch Legendary Fist (Movie) online

    Legendary Fist (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Legendary Fist (Movie) online Kyu-Min (Lee Yo-Won) works as a producer for a TV reality fighting program called "Legendary Fighter". The TV show pits regular men, who were renown street fighters back in their teenage days, to go up against professional MMA fighters. If the challenger can last a certain time against the professional fighter they make it into the finals and fight against one of their amateur peers. The winner gets $20,000. Lim Duk-Kyu (Hwang Jung-Min) runs a modest noodle restaurant. His wife passed away and he takes care of his teenage daughter Soo-Bin (Ji-Woo) alone. Producer Kyu-Min then visits Duk-Kyu's noodle restaurant and attempts to persuade Duk-Kyu to become a contestant on "Legendary Fighter". Lim Duk-Kyu isn't interested in fighting again and tells her no. A few days later, Lim Duk-Kyu goes to his mother-in-law's apartment for his wife's memorial service. There, he learns his daughter Soo-Bin beat up one of her classmates and her classmate is now hospitalized. Duk-Kyu goes to the hospital and apologizes to the girl and her father. He promises to pay for her hospital bills and give her additional compensation money. Now, Lim Duk-Kyu needs to make money and make it quick. He decides to participate in the TV show "Legendary Fighter". During his first bout, he knocks out the professional fighter, which is the first time that has ever occurred on the show. For his next fight, he awaits for his opponent in the ring. When the man walks in to the ring, Lim Duk-Kyu recognizes him immediately. His opponent is his friend Jae-Seok (Yoon Je-Moon) from his high school days. Meanwhile, Lee Sa [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2013 Rating: 9.50/10 (46 Votes)
  • Watch Lethal Move (Movie) online

    Lethal Move (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Lethal Move (Movie) online Detective Jong-man and former wrestler Byeong-deok. The two men living apart from their family attempt at living together to cut down on living costs. Lacking confidence as he can't really fight, Jong-man decides to learn some wrestling from Byeong-duk. Then the two jump into a dangerous case with Byeong-deok's housekeeper... [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2011 Rating: 8.00/10 (2 Votes)
  • Watch Let's Finish!!! (Movie) online

    Let's Finish!!! (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Let's Finish!!! (Movie) online After a movie set largely in one room (the excellent Spying Cam), WHANG Cheon-mean takes to the open road with three mismatched strangers who think they have a common purpose. A woman who called herself "Joaquin" meets two men by arrangement in a car park. We soon discover that they've previous 'met' on the suicide website she hosts. They pool their money and start driving; when the money runs out, they'll all end their lives. There are tensions from the start. The talkative guy (he calls himself "LA" ) has brought along his pet dog and can't stand Joaquin's choice of 'suicide music'. Then the macho, taciturn guy ("Heballet" ) takes the car and leaves the others stranded... The film has several surprises, but respects the tradition of the road movie. The characters are changed by being thrown together, by the people they meet and by the very act of travelling, and their destination is not the one they expected. Whang, the doyen of Korea's indie filmmakers, is obviously responding to the phenomenon of internet suicide clubs, but he also has plenty to say about men, women and the changing mood and direction of the Left [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2006 Rating: 6.33/10 (3 Votes)
  • Watch Liar (Movie) online

    Liar (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Liar (Movie) online JEONG Man-cheol tops the realm of taxi drivers with his good looks and kind heart. He manages to fall in love with two women, thanks to his big heart. While managing to remain faithful to each of the two women at the same time, he makes the mistake of his life on his birthday by catching the most wanted man in the country by accident. He wakes up in the hospital with the press and cameras swarming around him to cover the “Brave Citizen”! [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2004 Rating: 9.55/10 (33 Votes)
  • Watch Libera Me (Movie) online

    Libera Me (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Libera Me (Movie) online Five months after his release from prison after serving a twelve-year sentence, arsonist Yeo Hee-soo terrorizes the city of Seoul with a series of deadly blazes. Yeo rigs each fire so that a second, far more lethal conflagration ignites shortly after the firefighters have arrived, causing further casualties. He then turns his attention to those members of the department he feels are interfering with his "mission", which develops into a game of cat and mouse with veteran fireman Jo Sang-woo. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2000 Rating: 8.22/10 (9 Votes)
  • Watch Like a Virgin online

    Like a Virgin(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Like a Virgin online OH Dong-gu believes himself to be female. Although overweight and on the short side, he dreams of becoming the perfect some day, and he devotes himself to mimicking Madonna’s singing and dancing after school. To cover the costs of transsexual surgery, he decides to enter a wrestling competition. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2006 Rating: 9.40/10 (15 Votes)
  • Watch Like You Know It All (Movie) online

    Like You Know It All (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Like You Know It All (Movie) online Art film director Kyeong-nam Ku (Kim Tae-Woo) travels to Jecheon to participate as a jury member in the Jecheon International Music & Film Festival. While there he meets film festival programmer Hyeon-hee (Uhm Ji-Won). A few weeks later, Kyeong-nam travels to Jeju Island to lecture at a film school. He then meets his old flame, Go-sun (Ko Hyeon-Jeong). [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2009 Rating: 8.40/10 (10 Votes)
  • Watch Lineage Of The Voice (Movie) online

    Lineage Of The Voice (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Lineage Of The Voice (Movie) online The camera follows two child prodigies who study pansori for different reasons. To Su-beom, who is entirely supported by his father, pansori is what he has to master in order to fulfill his father' ambition. But to Seong-yeol, pansori allows him to escape from poverty. He travels from village to village with his father, singing pansori but also peddling medicine. Now, the two try to figure out what pansori really means to them. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2008 Rating: 5.33/10 (6 Votes)
  • Watch Linger (Movie) online

    Linger (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Linger (Movie) online A historical about the tragic love between a man and a woman in the Chosun times. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2011 Rating: 9.11/10 (9 Votes)
  • Watch Little Black Dress online

    Little Black Dress(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Little Black Dress online "Little Black Dress" depicts the friendships, jealousies, hopes and failures of four 24-year-old girls. The girls first met as first year students in college. They seem to be enjoying their 20's, but inside they all have worries. Yoo-Min (Yoon Eun-Hye) still doesn't know what she wants to do. Somehow she gets a job as an assistant to a top writer. Yoo-Min wasn't even sure if she would take the job as an assistant, but after seeing an expensive black mini dress at luxury department store she buys the dress with the writer's credit card and in the process accepts the job. Yoo-Min's job turns out to be more of a babysitter for the writer's twin sons. By chance, Yoo-Min runs into high-school acquaintance Young-Mi who also works as a writer's assistant. Hye-Ji (Park Han-Byul) is busy playing around and living the life of a socialite. One day, she is scouted by a talent agency. She then becomes the face for a high profile ad campaign and shoots to stardom. Her other 3 friends become jealous of her. Soo-Jin (Cha Ye-Ryeon) holds the most jealousy over Hye-Ji's sudden fame, because she has tried unsuccessfully to become an actress. Soo-Jin has failed many different auditions. Compounding her problems, her father's business has gone bankrupt. Min-Hee (Yoo In-Na) has rich parents, but her parents got divorced. Min-Hee now wants to study abroad, but her poor English skills holds her back. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2011 Rating: 9.17/10 (152 Votes)
  • Watch Little Prince online

    Little Prince(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Little Prince online Regret is the driving emotion behind “The Little Prince,” director Choi Jong-hyeon’s debut feature, loosely inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s most famous novella known for the wise-cracking fox who says, “It is the time you have spent with your rose that makes your rose so important.” The Korean movie puts a reverse spin on the line: a sound-effects technician Jong-cheol does NOT spend time with his family — a fatal mistake that he deeply and constantly regrets. The healing process begins when he comes across a pure-hearted child, modeled after the world-renowned French story. But it is a bit of a stretch to compare Jong-cheol’s encounter with the boy with the one in the original “The Little Prince.” After all, the Korean movie does not feature the rose the Little Prince really truly loved or the fox he famously tamed. Jong-cheol is no pilot, either. But the overall plot — an adult learning something from an innocent kid — is roughly in the same category of a fable rich in symbolism. In the movie to be released on Thursday, an urban fable begins with Jong-cheol’s self-contradicting life. He makes a living producing various sound effects for movies; he juggles different gadgets and props to create sound that is more realistic than, well, natural sound. (source: Avistaz) [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2008 Rating: 6.00/10 (4 Votes)
  • Watch Lost in Love (Movie) online

    Lost in Love (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Lost in Love (Movie) online University student and member of school's rowing team Woo-Jae (Sol Kyung-Gu) is dumped by his girlfriend after they dated for 200 days. He can't forget his ex-girlfriend and eventually enlists in the army. One day, his friend Yeon-Seo (Song Yoon-A) visits him in the army. Woo-Jae feels something for her, but decides that she is just a friend. He makes sure she gets on the last bus. Meanwhile, Yeon-Soo has harbored a secret crush on Woo-Jae since their college days. She learns that Woo-Jae was dumped by his ex-girlfriend and he has turned to alochol. She wants to comfort him. That's when Yeon-Soo decides to visit him in the army, but Woo-Jae treats as just a friend. Yeon-Soo decides to forget about Woo-Jae. 10 years later, Woo-Jae learns that his students from the high school rowing team got into a fight with students from another high school and goes to the police station. At the police station he meets Yeon-Soo for the first time in 10 years. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2006 Rating: 8.00/10 (7 Votes)
  • Watch Love 911 (Movie) online

    Love 911 (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Love 911 (Movie) online Mi-Soo (Han Hyo-Joo) is a doctor with a fiery spirit. Unfortunately, her fiery spirit gets the best of her one day at work. Mi-Soo fails to properly diagnosis an ill woman, after she sees the ill woman's husband, whom she assumes to be an abusive thug. Because of Mi-Soo's failure to diagnose the woman's illness, the woman is now hospitalized and near death. Her husband sues the hospital and Mi-Soo is advised to find a character witness. Kang-Il (Ko Soo) is a dedicated firefighter, who doesn't blink when it comes to saving someone else's life. Emotionally, Kang-Il still carries heavy grief over the death of his own wife. Outside of work, Kang-Il rarely socializes with others. Firefighter Kang-Il was also at the hospital when the wife, who was misdiagnosed by Mi-Soo, became gravely ill. His boss ordered Kang-Il to follow the husband and to make sure he doesn't do anything rash. The husband eventually confronts Kang-Il and assaults him. Later, Mi-Soo learns of the incident between firefighter Kang-Il and the husband. She concocts a plan to cozy up to the firefighter, in hopes of enlisting him in her legal defense. Little does she know, she isn't dealing with an ordinary fellow and she just may have found her true love. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2012 Rating: 9.65/10 (977 Votes)
  • Watch Love Bakery (Movie) online

    Love Bakery (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Love Bakery (Movie) online Ju No-myeong (Choi) is very happy in his work as a baker. He is content with his simple life but his happiness is shattered when his wife reveals that she is anything but content. She lets her feelings be known through pouting, sighing, and long silences. In fact, the only time she seems to smile is when a certain customer, Mu-seok, enters the shop. This does not go unnoticed by Mu-seok's wife who confronts No-myeong. However, their confrontational relationship soon sweetens when they learn that they share a mutual passion for pastry... [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2000 Rating: 4.67/10 (3 Votes)
  • Watch Love Exposure (Movie) online

    Love Exposure (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Love Exposure (Movie) online "Love Exposure" tells an epic tale of love, family, religion, and sex. Yu Tsunoda and Yoko meet under the most unusual of circumstances. After Yu loses a bet with his friends he agrees to go into the city dressed as a woman and kiss the first woman he sees. When they go into the city Yu and his friends comes across a young teenage girl named Yoko who is surrounded by a group of thugs. Yu, still dressed as a woman, then helps Yoko beat up the gang of thugs. Afterwards Yu kisses Yoko and runs away. Yu for the first time falls in love with a girl, but Yoko falls in love with the woman in drag known only as Miss Scorpion. Meanwhile, Yu is being followed by Aya Koike, a member of the cult group "Zero Church." Aya Koike devises a plan to bring Yu's entire family into the "Zero Church," but first she will gain the favor of Yoko by masquerading as Miss Scorpion. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2007 Rating: 7.98/10 (47 Votes)
  • Watch Love Fiction (Movie) online

    Love Fiction (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Love Fiction (Movie) online A writer meets an attractive woman and falls in love on first sight. Will there love last? Goo Joo-wol is a writer and a part-time as a bartender. He's currently working on his second novel, but stuck with a bout of writer's block. Joo-Wol then accompanies the president of his publishing company to Berlin on a business trip as a translator. On his last day in Berlin, Joo-Wol attends a party for movie industry insiders. Joo-Wol, bored with the party, steps outside to smoke a cigarette. A woman named Hee-Jin then walks next to him and smokes a cigarette. Joo-Wol falls in love on first sight. Back in Seoul. Hee-Jin finds a letter and a flower basket awaiting for her on her desk. Hee-Jin reads the letter from Joo-Wol and finds it funny. Meanwhile, Joo-Wol waits and waits for her phone call. Finally, Joo-Wol gets the phone call from Hee-Jin. The soon-to-be couple will meet for the second time. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2012 Rating: 9.10/10 (111 Votes)
  • Watch Love Forecast (Movie) online

    Love Forecast (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Love Forecast (Movie) online When Joon-Soo (Lee Seung-Gi) falls in love he tries to give everything to the girl. Even though he does all of that, he is the one that get dumped. Hyun-Woo (Moon Chae-Won) works as a weathercaster. Unlike her beautiful appearance, she acts excessively and talks in a tough manner. A romance blooms between these two people. [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2014 Rating: 8.33/10 (145 Votes)
  • Watch Love Impossible (Movie) online

    Love Impossible (Movie)(Movie)

    Korean Movie
    Watch Love Impossible (Movie) online Chul-Soo (Zo In-Sung) the son of a national Intelligent Agency Representative is interested in nothing else than flirting with girls all through the night until he has to face the harsh facts of reality. It all happens when his professor sets an ultimatum threatening not to let him pass his university graduation unless he joins South & North Korea discovery team of the historical tomb excavation unit in Yeon-Byun, which is located in north-eastern China! On the other side of Korea Young-hee (Kim Sa-Rang) the smart, pretty & intelligent daughter of a North Korean diplomat faces the dilemma of her father 's threat to marry her off. Therefore, she opts to join the discovery team too. After Chul-Soo catches sight of Young-Hee, he is determined to ask her for her hand immediately, but is everything really as easy as that? [More]
    Status: Completed Released: 2003 Rating: 8.67/10 (15 Votes)